Double Checking that Check-List: The Importance of a Good Attitude

Written by:  Brittney Welch, 7th & 8th Grade Teacher

Pen? Check! Pencil? Check! Notebooks? Check!

A wonderful, enthusiastic, can’t-wait-to-dive-into-learning attitude? Not so easy to check off the list.

September marks the start of a brand new school year, and if your child has all the proper supplies on his check sheet, that is a great start in being organized in his classes. However, there is one thing that can’t be brought to the classroom from Wal-mart or Staples and that thing is an enthusiastic attitude toward school. As William James said, “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.”

Although you cannot force a child to have an enthusiastic attitude toward learning, there are a few things you can do to encourage it. First of all, be interested in what he is learning—get excited about the things your child is discovering at school! Ask questions about what the day’s lesson was about. You can also kindle excitement by helping him with his homework. Although you may not have very much time, simply take a few minutes to quiz him over his spelling words, ask him what he has to study for the next day, or even encourage him to find real objects to study that match the diagrams in his books. Finally, encourage him to do his very best in everything he does. Although he may not be a straight “A” student, let him know that what is important is giving his very best effort for the Lord.

Whether your child loves solving algebra problems, reading exciting stories in literature, studying about far-off lands, or dissecting flowers, your child is sure to be intrigued by different subjects as he enters into a new grade and a new school year. And, as you check off his supply list and send him to school laden with new pens, pencils, and notebooks, add one more thing to the usual supply list.  This year, help your child by prepared by “checking-off” an enthusiastic attitude for learning.