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Dress Code Information

A person’s outward appearance is a reflection of the condition of his heart and mind. Clothing, makeup, and hairstyles draw attention to the Lord or away from Him. The following four principles of dress will be taught and consistently enforced at GPCA:

  1. Modesty of both boys and girls (I Tim. 2:9; I Pet. 3:2-4)
  2. Distinction between boys and girls (Deut. 22:5; I Cor. 11:14-15).
  3. Identification with the Lord and not with the world (I Timothy 4:12; Romans  12:1-2; John 15:16)
  4. Appropriateness for the time/activity.

GPCA has established and will enforce these dress code guidelines for all students:

 A school uniform must be worn at all times. GPCA uniforms must be purchased online or by phone through Lands End.  Our Preferred School Number for Greater Portland Christian Academy is: 9001-0229-4.  The contact information is: 1-800-469-2222 or online at:   Please allow two weeks for delivery of orders.


  1. Girls’ dresses are to be feminine, appropriate, and modest in length, style, fit, and neckline. The hemline of dresses, skirts or skorts must be at or below the bottom of the knee. Slits in longer skirts must not be above the knee.
  2. Slacks or jeans may not be worn unless it is preauthorized.
  3. Dress shoes or athletic shoes may be worn.
  4. Only conservative hairstyles (no unnatural hair color), and jewelry may be worn during school hours. Girls may wear only one earring per ear, attached at the lobe.  No other piercings are acceptable.


  1. Boys are required to wear dress shirts or polo shirts with collars. Sweaters worn over shirts with collars are acceptable. Shirts must always be tucked in and all buttons (except the collar button) must be buttoned.
  2. Boys are required to wear dress slacks; jeans are not allowed.
  3. Dress shoes or athletic shoes may be worn.
  4. Hairstyles must be in good taste. Long hairstyles are not permitted. Boys are required to keep their hair styled in a normal, regular hair cut      (no sculptured, Mohawk, fauxhawk, spike-type, skater, new wave cuts, or any unnatural color). Hair should be properly thinned and trimmed around the ears. Hair is to be neatly combed at all times.
  5. Boys may not wear necklaces, earrings, or any body piercing.

**All students are required to have non-marking athletic shoes for P.E. or gym play.

 Parents are expected to cooperate in helping their children meet the standards listed above. Students who do not meet dress code standards will be sent to the school office to call a parent to bring a change of clothing. Final decisions on questionable clothing will be made by the administration. Repeated infractions of the dress code may result in permanent dismissal from school (expulsion) if the staff perceives a student’s chronic negative attitude toward correction.