New Student

2021-2022 New Student Information


Thank you for considering Greater Portland Christian Academy as your educational institution for your children. Applications once approved are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

If you wish to enroll your child in GPCA, please follow the below instructions:

  • Read the entire Student Handbook
  • Download and completely fill out all forms below and return it to the school office with Registration Fees and Testing Fees if they apply.
  • Once the application and packet are received, the administrator will contact you to make an appointment with the Principal for final approval into the school. (A tentative spot is held at this point in the desired classroom).

* Please note, all of these steps must be completed before a spot will be reserved for your child.

Application Form

2021-2022 Application Form


GPCA Handbook

 GPCA Handbook


Parental Consent Form

 Parental Consent Form


Oregon Pupil Medical Record

 Oregon Pupil Medical Record 


Photograph and Media Permission

 Photograph and Media Permission 


– $100 per student
– Non-refundable
– Due when application is submitted.
– Includes processing fees, and student insurance.

Due: June 12, 2021
K4 – $125
K5 – $210
1st-8th – $320

Due: April 1, 2022
K5 – $50 per student
8th Grade – $65 per student

Due when application is submitted.
1st-8th grade- $45 per student

Yearly tuition per child – Full day academic program.

1st Child
2nd Child
3rd Child
4th Child


The oldest student is considered the first child.
Each additional child after the 3rd child is at the tuition rate of $3,995.


  • Tuition is charged on a yearly basis.
  • Tuition may be paid in advance by the year and receive a 5% discount (to qualify for the 5% discount, tuition must be paid on August 1) or on a 10-month payment schedule.
  • The first tuition payment is due by August 1 and must be paid by August 1 to ensure your reservation in the classroom.
  • 10-Month Tuition Payment Plan: The first tuition payment on the 10-month schedule is due August 1 (and is non-refundable) with each succeeding payment due on the first of the month through May 1.
  • Students enrolling after August 30 pay tuition in advance on a 9-month tuition schedule applicable to the months remaining in the school year at the time of enrollment.
  • The full month’s tuition is due if the student attends any day in the month.
  • A late fee of $20 will be added for accounts not paid in full by the 10th of the month.
  • Partial payment does not exempt the account from late fees.
  • Any student whose account is not paid in full and up to date on or before the last day of each month will not be allowed to attend Greater Portland Christian Academy until the account is paid in full or financial arrangements have been made.
  • A $35 service charge will be applied for each returned check.


Printable Schedule of Fees

2021-2022 Schedule of Fees